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MUST SEE: Meet 7-Time 'Live With Kelly & Ryan' winner from Beaver Dam

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BEAVER DAM (WKOW) -- Last Tuesday morning, a Dodge County woman won the trip of a lifetime on 'Live With Kelly & Ryan!'  Little did 27 News know the real story.  It's not the first time the Beaver Dam woman has cashed in on the top rated ABC hit show.

"I used to enter with post cards when it was Regis and Kathy Lee," Janet Christine chuckled.  Out of her eight phone call contests, she's won seven.  Through the years, the process to enter has become more high-tech, but not her viewing style.

Janet watches each show religiously (or she DVR's it), with a pen in hand.  Through the years, she's written down everything that's happened on Live! It's those detailed notes that help her win when the hosts call her phone with a question.

The question is always about some tidbit that happened on the show the day prior.  Janet is such a good watcher, she always blurts out the answer after just seconds on the clock.

The retired homemaker says watching 'Live' has become a full-time job.

"Yup, that's what my husband says!"  she joked.  "He says as long as I win vacations, because if I win every now and then, it's a free vacation, and he's Scottish, so he's a little frugal with the money."

The new rules say she can only win once a year, but she likes that rhythm because it means she can just watch and not take notes during that period.

As for the vacations, she says they are the real deal. 

"You have to claim it on your taxes," she said.

Still, there is one place she is still dreaming about going.

"I would love to go to New York and see them [on Live]."

Until that happens, she'll keep winning trips and says, "it's just fun to watch them," she chuckled.

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