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Controversy surrounds proposed sex offender bill

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MADISON (WKOW) -- There is outrage from Wisconsin law enforcement involving registered sex offenders who live in your community.

Currently under state law, sex offenders can be placed in any county in the state, regardless where the offense took place.

A public hearing was held at the state capitol to discuss the proposed bill. It would require sex offenders to be placed in the county that the offense took place. Some Wisconsin communities are pushing for their legislation.

State Senator Patrick Testin says rural Wisconsin has become a dumping ground for sex offenders from big cities.

Earlier in 2017, Portage County Sheriff Mike Lukas had a case where a judge denied the placement of a sex offender at a home near a community center.

"Washington County did not notify us of the hearing and put a sexual predator in that house," said Lukas.

The proposed bill will also increase the time allotted for the county to prepare an offender placement report from 90 days to 120 days.


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