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School pressures parents to make kids stop vaping

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MEQUON (WKOW) -- Schools in Wisconsin are starting to crack down on vaping; smoking with an electronic device called an e-cigarette.
    Smokers get the nicotine, but the devices can be very easy to hide.
    So, Homestead High School in Mequon is cracking down on vaping.
    In a letter to parents this week, officials say if a student is caught vaping or possessing vaping materials there will be consequences including referring to police.
     But, a vape shop manager says underage kids often buy online from overseas.
     "There's nothing that any law can do, or person can do, to stop that from happening. But then again, that's where the parents should be at," Jerrod Aiello told WISN.
    Homestead school officials say their campaign is aimed at pressuring parents to discipline their kids.
    Vaping products, like tobacco, are only legally available to people age 18 and older.
    Most, if not all, Wisconsin schools prohibit smoking and specifically mention e-cigarettes as being included in the ban.

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