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New holiday scam targets email tracking confirmation

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Email shipment tracking updates this time of year can be a blessing, especially not that all the Cyber Monday shopping is done.

But useful digital notifications are creating a new cyber threat. State consumer protection experts say there are scam trying to get to your information and money.

"All the online shopping people are expecting delivery emails, they're expecting confirmations of purchases they've made, different messages to come through about purchases they're making, its' a good time for these scammers to slip these messages in between," says DATCP Spokesman Jerad Albracht.

The messages could contain dangerous malware, or worse.

"If you click a link in one of these fraudulent emails,  you could be sent to a website that is looking to harvest personal or financial information," says Albracht.

The problem is that the shipping tracking looks legitimate. Experts say to avoid the scams, all you need to do is go back online to the place where you purchased the item, and track it from there.

"If you get those shipment emails and you want to check back on the status of your order, us that as a memory trigger to go back to the website," says Albracht.

"If you check out as a guest, you've handed it over," says Its during that one transaction, it may help minimize the resale of your information or the unauthrorized access of it through a data breach which then, in turn, puts that information out there in the scam artists hands."

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