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What's Going Around: Hearing problems from hunting

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MONONA (WKOW) --  A local doctor is seeing something interesting lately related to the recent gun-deer season.

Dr. Naomi Lever is an audiologist with UnityPoint Health-Meriter's Monona Clinic and she has seen a lot of hunters come in recently with hearing problems.

She says you might notice these symptoms: ringing or buzzing in your ears; needing others to shout, talk louder or repeat things to you; and if you're turning up the volume on your television, radio or other devices.

Dr. Lever says symptoms may be more noticeable in one ear versus the other.

If these symptoms last more than a week, she says to see a doctor. An audiologist can give you a hearing test and possibly talk about using a hearing aid.

The best treatment, though, is prevention. So Dr. Lever encourages hunters to remember their ear protection. There are special devices that protect your ears from gunfire, but don't limit your ability to hear in the woods.

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