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Experts react to GOP Tax Plan

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MADISON (WKOW) --Local financial advisors say they're taking a lot of calls from people worried about the impact of the GOP's tax bill.  The Senate passed the bill early Saturday morning.  The details have yet to be totally ironed out, but Rohlik Financial Group President Brent Rohlik says it's a confusing time to give advice.

"Even so much as we're getting questions such as should I pay off my house before I invest in the market or does it pay to have this loan out there or not, there are all questions that are up in the air and I think there is a great unknown and I think that's a tough thing to do," Rohlik said.

Meanwhile, a Madison CPA says what's being proposed is so complicated-- he's expecting 25 percent more time preparing his client's taxes, but won't be making any more money from it.

"Try to bill that by time...but next time they pay not that much."

Both say it's best right now just to wait and see --  and not make any drastic changes to your portfolios.  Also, they encourage you to call for help, to talk openly about your family's tax and retirement concerns.

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