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Grannies Got Game

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The grannies of the La Crosse area are reliving their glory days. 

" It's like the past meets the future, and I just love that," Teammate Lu Miller said.

" We thought you graduate from high school, and it is all over," President of Granny Basketball Barb Trammel said.

But, that is not the case for these ladies who model the game after the 1920's era. 

" There is no running, no jumping, and no physical contact," Trammel said.

One of the most important rules is called a " Flesh Foul". This is called whenever a granny is showing any skin above her elbow or knee. 

" We have to make sure we are well covered, which is also good for women our age because we don't really have that much to show off anymore anyway," Trammel said.

In addition, if a granny happens to get tripped up or fall down on the court, the grannies all take a minute to yell, " Granny Down!" 

Although the age limit is 50 years old, you wouldn't be able to tell because these grannies have game. That statement is especially true when talking about the "granny shot" which they have all perfected. 

" I always make sure that I have the seams of the basketball in my hand," Trammel said. " I tend to have more of the lift with my right hand, so you just follow through in your fingers, and it is supposed to go straight." 

This league practice every Monday at the La Crosse YMCA with league play starting up in January. 

To join, you can contact Barb Trammel: 319-389-7174 or Linda Schmitz: 608-783-3069

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