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Sun Prairie student raises mental health awareness

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SUN PRAIRIE (WKOW) - A Sun Prairie student promotes and raises mental health awareness at her high school with a 100% student-led initiative called "Cardinal Balance". 

Kaitey Crosby, a junior at Sun Prairie High School, wrestled with anxiety and the need to achieve "perfection".  These issues led her down a dark path of depression until she finally reached out for help. "I've struggled with my mental health when it comes to perfectionism and with school and the anxiety I feel with that. I know that's a very common thing that teenagers my age feel," she explains. 

She knew that she could not be the only student grappling with these feelings, and so, she started Cardinal Balance to initiate a dialogue among students on how to deal with the day-to-day social, academic and family pressures many teenagers experience. 

"As a high schooler you're around 1800 students, all going through puberty, all with difficulties at home, school work, sports, academia...Whatever you want to call it, this all contributes to their mental health," says Sachel Hamm, a fellow junior classmate. 

According to Crosby, 1 in 4 Wisconsin teens have a diagnosable mental health issue.  Not wanting her peers to suffer in silence, she invited mental health professionals to speak at five different, and very well-attended, sessions.  With more than 300 attendees at each session, Crosby is excited about the positive response from the student body.  She exclaims, "they all have been saying really positive things...I'm just so excited that this happened today." 

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