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Madison & Middleton police on the lookout for similar bank robber

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Two local police departments are on the lookout for a man who they believe is responsible for three bank robberies within the last month. 

The first two robberies targeted the Associated Bank in Middleton. The first happened November 6th and the second on November 22nd. In both robberies a man could be seen in a grey hoodie, wearing superhero or villain masks on his face. 

The latest robbery happened at a Chase Bank on Milwaukee Street in east Madison on Monday. 

"We have an individual who went in with a Deadpool, Halloween style mask, and demanded money. (He) never showed a gun but implied he had one. He was very aggressive," said Joel DeSpain with the Madison Police Department. 

Police say the Deadpool mask worn in the latest robbery is quite similar to the Deadpool mask worn in one of the Middleton robberies. 

"We believe those two cases are likely the same person," DeSpain added. 

Madison police say it's too early to say if their case is connected with the one in Middleton where the robber wore a skull mask. But officers say the hoodie worn in all of the robberies looks the same.

The rash of robberies has the banking community concerned.

"It's definitely worrisome to the employees who are involved, it's certainly a safety risk for them and a huge safety concern for our customers," said Rose Oswald Poels with the Wisconsin Bankers Association. 

Police aren't sure of a motive for the robberies, but say usually they involve the suspect feeding a habit. 

"Likely someone who's addicted to drugs and so they'll hit with some frequency," said DeSpain. 

Both police and bankers say bank robbers are almost always caught, but with this unusual case, they worry the guy could soon strike again. 

"Could be Verona, could be Fitchburg, so we're putting all of our law enforcement agencies on notice as well as the banks and other financial institutions," said DeSpain. 

Madison police say dye packs and GPS trackers have been used in the past by banks. The dye explodes in the money bags and both devices help police catch the suspect. Officers wouldn't say if they were used in the three recent robberies. 

If anyone has information about the man you just saw.. you're asked to call Madison or Middleton police. 

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