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Cuba City family warns of buying bath bombs after scare

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CUBA CITY (WKOW) -- Mom Molly Larue still can't believe her girls were hurt by something they use all the time.

"I would say maybe three a week," she said.  But Sunday, all that changed when her four and six-year-old daughters hopped in the tub and the bath bomb they bought the day before from a mall kiosk started to do the unthinkable.  Their skin was 'burning'.

"Seconds went by their skin got redder and redder they began crying out louder and louder," Larue said about the terrible ordeal.  She called 911 and luckily a short time later, after dousing their skin with cool water, they started to feel better.

Larue wants you to be safe this Christmas when you purchase bath bombs.  

"Be careful about where you are purchasing them, and what you are putting into your kiddos bath," Larue said.

UW Health Dermatologist Dr. Apple Bodemer absolutely agrees.  She says anything bought homemade or from a mall kiosk without an ingredient list is a big no no.  She doesn't doubt the girl's skin was irritated by the fizzy items.

"A lot of those chemicals will dry the skin out and even if they don't have something as aggressive as those little girls had, it might contribute to more dryness...and especially coming into winter, that's not so great for young skin," Dr. Bodemer said.

She says bath bombs are typically made with citric acid, baking soda and fragrance, but if those ratios are off, they can cause irritation.

For now, the Larue family won't be doing bath bombs of any kind.

Instead, Dr. Bodemer encourages families to try almond oil, oatmeal or food coloring to mix things up in the tub.

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