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Madison Water Utility determining how salt ends up in Well 14

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Madison Water Utility officials think they may know what's hurting water quality in a local neighborhood.  For quite some time, road salt has been getting into the Spring Harbor area. 

The utility drilled two small test wells at Spring Harbor Park.  The hope is the test wells show how much chloride, if any, is being pulled towards the well from a storm water outlet about a third-of-a-mile away.

"We believe there is this connection between the two and so these monitoring wells will give us some information as to the water quality at the water table or in the ground water that is providing water to well 14," Madison Water Utility's Joe Grande.  

The concern isn't so much as for the safety of the water -- but the drinkablity of the water level. The fear is as the chloride levels increase-- customers will reject that water.

Once Madison Water knows the sources -- they can work towards a solution to reducing those sources.
Once the wells are installed, they will be monitored on a monthly basis, for about 18 months..

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