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Ongoing concern of violence prompts Mayor Soglin to veto liquor license

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MADISON (WKOW) -- As fast-food restaurants across the nation are now selling alcohol, Mayor Paul Soglin made himself clear as he vetoed a liquor license granted to a Taco Bell Cantina on State Street. 

"We have enough alcohol outlets in the city of Madison," said Soglin at a press conference held on Monday. 

The main reason he vetoed the license is the ongoing violence along State Street stemming from alcohol.

"There are instances where officers were unable to apprehend dangerous individuals because of alcohol fueled crowds," said Soglin. 

Madison's finest agree with the Mayor. 

"It's a problem. Officers are stretched thin and most of that is due to responding to calls related to things that are driven by alcohol," said Lieutenant Kelly Donahue with the Madison Police Department. 

The particular license was granted by an overwhelming vote by the City Council earlier in December. Mayor Soglin says that's part of a bigger problem. 

"We can't say no to a damn liquor license. That's been going on for too many years. It's about time it stopped," said Soglin. 

Madison police admit they're on high alert for violence in the area and Soglin can't believe it hasn't escalated beyond what it is. 

"I think it's a miracle that we have not had a homicide in the area," said Soglin. 

A mayor taking matters into his own hands and a police department backing his case. 

"The density of alcohol establishments has reached a point where we need to evaluate whether or not that street can handle any more licensed establishments," said Donahue. 

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