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Murder defendant collapses in Dane County court

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Murder defendant Ted Bruno collapsed in Dane County court Tuesday following a hearing on his case, with court bailiffs trying to pinpoint the health issue, and a judge ordering a 27 News cameraman and others to clear the courtroom.

Dane County Sheriff's spokesperson Elise Schaffer says a nurse evaluated Bruno's condition upon his return to jail and he remains under observation.  Schaffer says she does not provide specific, medical information on jail inmates.

Officials have offered no comment on whether Bruno required medical transportation to return to the jail.

As Bruno began walking out of the courtroom with a bailiff holding on to Bruno's restraint belt, Bruno collapsed.  A bailiff could be heard saying, "tripped," in the aftermath of his fall, but Schaffer says Bruno did not trip.

Bruno appeared to remain conscious during the moments after the collapse, complaining of a possible head injury and grimacing.

Some restraint belts are equipped to allow a bailiff to deliver a shock charge to an unruly or disruptive defendant, but Schaffer says no charge was delivered, either intentionally or accidentally.

Bruno maintains homicide victim Kim Gaida stabbed him last month in Stoughton in a dispute over a household matter.  Authorities say Bruno stabbed Gaida more than a half dozen times, with the knife discovered still embedded in Gaida.  Bruno was renting a room at Gaida's home.

Before Bruno's collapse,a scheduled, preliminary hearing for him did not take place, as Bruno had no attorney to represent him, after staff with the state public defender's office determined Bruno did not qualify for state-paid legal representation.  Judge Josann Reynolds directed Bruno to pursue the hire of an attorney.


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