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Wisconsin Dairy News: Jouzge Bars

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(WKOW) -- Protein bars are nothing new, but a dairy-based protein snack bar geared toward young women to promote a healthy self-image and healthy eating is hitting the marketplace! 

"Dairy has some of the highest protein quality of any food protein," KJ Burrington from UW-Madison Center for Dairy Research said. "Whey protein especially But for teenagers, especially teenage women who are still growing and developing, protein is especially important for them." 

Jouzge Bars are the brainchild of Dana Wendt, a UW-Madison Alum. She stumbled upon the idea after realizing that the protein bars she was eating sent a message to her young daughter about weight management. 

"That was really the inception," Jouzge Bars founder Dana Wendt said. "We also found most protein products were targeting females and they weren't healthy, they always came with a diet message. And we did not want that for our daughter." 

So a few years ago, Dana contacted UW-Madison's Center for Dairy Research about creating a dairy-based protein snack bar for young women. 

"I was excited for a couple of reasons," Burrington said. "One, because Dana was targeting young women. And then, our group, all of us are women as well, so we were really excited about developing a product by women for young women." 

 And the bars are becoming quite popular with the intended audience! 

"My friends love them! I've never had a friend that hasn't liked them," Oregon High School junior Hadley Wendt said. "The guys like them a lot more than I thought they were going to too considering their targeted towards teenage girls." 

Made with easy to absorb dairy proteins, the bars pair a positive message with a clean ingredient label and a great flavor profile! 

"The purpose of Jouzge is to build strong and confident girls from the inside out," Dana Wendt said. "Because it comes with that part of making sure girls do have a great snack for when they are on the go." 

Jouzge Bars come in chocolate mint, chocolate peanut butter, and chocolate chip cookie dough flavors and were developed with the help of Susan Larson and KJ Burrington at the Center for Dairy Research, and taste-tested on the UW-Madison Campus! 

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