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UPDATE: Madison committee approves ordinance to allow online ordering of alcohol

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UPDATE (WKOW) -- People in Madison might soon be able to drive up to a local store and have alcohol hand-delivered to them in the parking lot.

A proposal that would allow online alcohol sales in the city got initial approval Wednesday night from the Alcohol License Review Committee (ALRC). 

Two stores have already filed for a new license to be able to carry out online purchases to customers waiting in the parking lot. The Pick n Save on Junction Road and the Walmart on the east side both got initial approval at the meeting. 

"The so called 'click and collect' way of shopping, I think, is absolutely a trend that we'll see more of in our community and it's something we've seen across the country," Alder Mike Verveer told 27 News. 

The ordinance has raised some concern from city officials, including Mayor Paul Soglin, who are worried about the practice becoming "drive thru alcohol". 

"It's very difficult to do that," Alice Chang, a representative from Walmart, told the ALRC. "The orders have to be done four hours in advance and you can't do it after 1 p.m., so you'd have to plan really carefully in order to go right through like that." 

Customers cannot pick up their orders after 8 p.m., even though alcohol sales continue until 9 p.m. The measure also requires a licensed employee to check IDs, similar to a bartender, and look for signs of intoxication before approving the transaction. 

"If the purchaser isn't the driver of the car, you also have to verify that the driver of the car is 21 as well and then the associate goes back into the store to finish the transaction after having verified the ID," said Roundy's representative Brieanna Cotten. 

Other cities in Wisconsin already allow online alcohol sales. A Roundy's spokesperson tells 27 News 15 locations are authorized to sell alcohol. Two stores are under review. Company officials say feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive and makes their shopping experience more convenient. 

The ordinance passed the ALRC with some questions from committee members over how the convenience might be abused. The stores will be required to have surveillance video of the sites in case anything happens. Police Capt. Jason Freedman says it can be difficult even for officers to determine whether someone is intoxicated, but police would respond if needed.

"I would expect that if there's clear signs of concern that we would be called," he said. 

The ordinance now goes on to the full council for a vote on January 2. 


MADISON (WKOW -- Madison alder Mike Verveer is proposing an ordinance that would allow people to order alcohol online and pick it up from stores.

The proposal goes before the Alcohol License Review Committee tonight, Dec. 20, 2017.

The ordinance would allow patrons to order alcohol sales online and pick up merchandise in a designated parking area of the store.

The ordinance is created in response to the trend in retail grocery and general merchandise stores of customers ordering their merchandise online and then picking the items up at the store, according to a summary of the ordinance.

Customers pre-select the items they wish to purchase and the items are gathered and bagged by the retailer and delivered to the customer’s vehicle. 

These transactions are commonly referred to as “Click and Collect”.

Retailers wanting to engage in this practice must file a Change of Premises application and appear before the Alcohol License Review Committee, which will make a recommendation to the Common Council, in order to expand their licensed premises to include a designated area outside the store in which a customer can park their vehicle for purposes of picking up their online order.

State law requires licensing of any portion of a premise on which alcohol beverages will be sold, consumed, stored or delivered. This ordinance will provide regulations designed to prevent underage purchase of alcohol beverages either directly or through a straw party and to ensure that individuals who are intoxicated are not allowed to pick up a “Click and Collect” order.

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