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Shop smart last minute

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Right now you're down to the wire when it comes to Christmas shopping, so we've got you covered spending smart last minute.  

Financial advisor, Sarah McGinniss, at Savant Capital Management in Madison stresses how important it is to stick to your budget even at this stage in the game, so you're not stuck paying off high credit card bills in the new year.  She advises to shop around between online and in-store deals to make sure you're getting the most for your money.  "Just make sure if you're running all these errands and doing all those extra things, sometimes cost can come along with that too, if you're running all over the place to drive, so really look at what is the best bottom line," said McGinniss.  

McGinniss knows that one of the most tempting deals to save more money is to open a store credit card, but she cautions the credit card could cost you more in the long run.  She says stores want you to open them because a lot of people don't pay them off.  "That comes all back to whether or not you can trust yourself with those deals.  If there's a huge incentive, and you're going to save a ton of money it can absolutely make sense to do those deals, you just need to make sure you document that you've taken out that credit card," she said.  

The other item McGinniss encourages you to think critically about is warranties.  While they can be helpful, she notes that most warranties will never be cashed in, so stores make a lot of money off of these.  She advises asking yourself, if the item breaks would you want a new version anyway?  

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