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Expert says iPhone slow down goes beyond Apple

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Have you ever thought your iPhone is slower after a recent update? If so, you're not alone. For years, a number of Apple users thought the same and now the company is trying to clear things up. 

It's the prompt many of us may see from time to time: a software update on our phones. But now, Apple is fessing up, saying their updates intentionally slow down old phones. 

"It seems a bit shocking, but once you read the story, no it really isn't a surprise," said Nicholas Davis. He's the Chief Information Security Officer for the UW System. 

The reason for the slow down, the company said, is to prevent the old phones from unexpectedly shutting down due to older batteries in the phones. Tech experts say it's a feature that's needed. 

"Just like you wouldn't drive a 20 year old sports car to the same specifications that it was produced for when it first came out, you wouldn't expect a phone to also perform to the same specifications when it first arrived in the market," said Davis. 

It's not a strategy that's unique to Apple. Davis says this happens to other devices too such as Android phones, Windows phones, and just about every piece of tech hardware that's sold. 

"When you update the software on it, the software isn't designed to run on that older hardware and you're going to see the weakness of the older hardware start to expose themselves," Davis added. 

Many Apple fans took the announcement as the company admitting to slowing down phones in order for consumers to constantly buy newer ones. But experts say that's not the case. 

"Everything is a sacrifice. If you want the benefits then you have to pay the costs. If people want to use their old phones, they don't have to perform the system updates but they're not going to get all those new benefits that're out there," Davis said. 

Apple says the feature, that slows down phones in order to save power, affects the iPhone 6, 6S, SE and 7. The company said it plans to continue this feature in future devices. 

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