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Robbery suspect used flare gun on gas station clerk

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It was Kyle Demoure's last shift at the Tower Avenue Holiday Gas Station before taking time off for Christmas.

The 24-year-old was alone in the gas station when police say a man entered the store just before 3:45 a.m. Saturday, wearing a blaze orange jacket and pants, a dark mask and ski goggles.

"(He) made me feel a little weird. I looked at him, thought maybe he went snowmobiling or something," Demoure said via Facetime Thursday.

Demoure said the man asked for a pack of cigarettes, then changed his mind and asked for a full carton.

That's when Demoure said the man reached into his cooler and pulled out a flare gun.

"One more thing, all the money in the drawer," Demoure recalled the man saying. "I said that's a flare gun. At the time I saw him reach into the cooler I saw something orange, I was already hitting my emergency alarm which hangs around my neck. He said 'have you ever been shot by a flare gun' and then shot me with the gun right away," Demoure said.
The flare hit Demoure in the abdomen leaving him with a burn.

"I instantly spun around and grabbed my chest from the blow, and then I noticed the flare on the counter, then I tried to stupidly grab it off and throw it so it's not burning a bunch of stuff. That's what burned my finger," he said.

Police say the suspect ran from the store without any cash, but did get away with a $70 dollar carton of cigarettes.

Police, along with Demoure, hope you can help track the suspect down.

Now visiting family in southern Minnesota, Demoure is in good spirits and receiving support from friends and family.

"Lots of people sharing the post, commenting on the posting asking If need anything or this or that, which is really comforting. It makes me feel good that people are trying to get the word out to get him caught."

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