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Badger fans flocking to Florida

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Badger fans continue to flock south to Florida for the week, before Wisconsin faces Miami in the Orange Bowl on Saturday.  For some, they decided to go by any means necessary.

Fans from Appleton, WI loaded up a car to drive down. They left home on Wednesday and drove 24 straight hours to South Florida.

"I always follow the Badgers no matter what," said Badger fan Scott Schoette.  "My daughter is a senior in the UW band and it's going to be here last time in a UW band uniform so my wife and I had to make the trip. Friends had committed long before to come along for any bowl game where ever it was."

"It feels good to stretch out, I was feeling a little cramped with six people in the car back there," said Badger fan Erik Saxby.  "It was getting tight, but I'm glad we are here, it feels good."

If you want to get out of the Wisconsin snow and cold and catch a last second flight (or drive for that matter), there is still time and there are still tickets to the Orange Bowl.   As of Thursday, tickets were going for about $60.

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