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Eight water main breaks leaves some Madison residents high and dry

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Water main break at the intersection of S. Whitney Way and Piper Rock Road. Water main break at the intersection of S. Whitney Way and Piper Rock Road.

MADISON (WKOW) --- The frigid temperatures are causing some of the city's water pipes to burst. Madison Water Utility workers have responded to eight water main breaks Monday.

Charles Marion, who lives on N. Yellowstone drive, says we we caught off guard when he arrived home and discovered his house had no water.

“I had no idea I had no water,” he said, standing in front of his house. “I noticed there was a lot of water flowing. But it was early and I kind of figured it was some melt.”

A water main ruptured beneath a section of pipes ruptured beneath sections of North Yellowstone Drive, South Whitney Way, Taft Street, Yosemite Trail, Coolidge Street, North Sherman Avenue, East Mifflin Street, and Hegg Avenue Monday.

Somewhere in the road here a 10 inch water main broke. We're not exactly sure how yet. We're in the process of digging it up,” said Jim Garde, with Madison Water Utility. “4 or 5 houses out of water right now.”

“I won't be able to take my evening shower,” Marion said.

“We have five going today. The first one was about 4 o'clock this morning. I'm not sure what number this one was, but I know there are three crews working right now repairing water main breaks. And there are three more leaks that need to be fixed tonight,” Garde said.

Garde said the breaks are caused by the ground shifting in the cold weather.

“When it gets really cold out frost gets deep. A few years back we had a lot of it. But every winter we have aging water mains. And when they find a weak point they just snap like a twig.”

Anytime you see water boiling out of the ground, bubbling out of the terrace, it's likely a sign of a water main break.

“Sometimes it will spray out of the ground a couple of feet. Sometimes it will just look like a pot on your stove boiling with water. But anytime water is rolling down the gutter line, whether it's winter spring summer, or fall, call Madison water to come check it out,” Garde said.

After about four hours, crews were able to restore water to Marion and his neighbors.

A lot of people tell us were crazy out here in the negative temperatures. It's been kind of cold the last couple of days. But this is what we do, this is what we're used to,” Garde said.

“Oh, it makes me very happy. What can I say? I enjoy public services,” Marion said.

Winter is the busiest time of year for the water utility. Garde said since December 24th, they have responded to at least two water main breaks a day.

If you find a water main break in your neighborhood, you should call the city to report it.

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