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Caught on Camera: Janesville officer fixes elderly man's flat tire in frigid temps

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JANESVILLE (WKOW) -- An heroic act of bravery in this bitter cold weather already going viral, thanks to a photo being shared on Facebook.  

Officer Denise Stutika awoke to find her car battery dead, but after dealing with that, an hour later, she was out again, freezing in the cold and fixing an elderly man's flat tire.

"He was stuck here with his flat tire and it was busy," Officer Stutika said.  Despite the four degree weather, she knew how to change the tire, but it was a struggle and took her about an hour.  She even radioed for more help after the spare tire froze and they had to use her vehicle's crow bar to get it out.

"And kind of pry it off and hammer it off and then get the driver sent on his way," she said with a smile.

Despite the long morning, she says she was surprised to see the countless social media messages thanking a male officer for what she did on the side of the road.

"I guess people will laugh when they realize it was a female changing the tire," she said.  "We do the same job the guys do and that's what we're out here for."

For now, Officer Stutika is hoping the public will take extra care of their cars during this rough weather.

'Make sure your tires are in good shape for the slippery conditions..when the tire light comes on with the temperature change low tire pressure make sure you get that properly inflated," she said.

She says in the meantime, JPD will be out hitting the road, ready to protect and serve.

"Everyday that you can help somebody like that is a good day," she smiled.

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