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Weather prompts concern for kids at bus stops

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MOUNT HOREB (WKOW) -- The stretch of bitterly cold weather continues this week and that means several kids in southern Wisconsin, like Sierra Faul, will be out catching the bus to school. It's something she tried to do on Tuesday. 

"I absolutely was concerned this morning when I got up," said Sierra's mom, Mindy Faul. 

She added, she was surprised when the Mount Horeb Area School District didn't delay school. 

"It was, you know, scary thinking that the kids would have to wait outside. Obviously, I didn't think they were going to have to wait outside that long," said Faul.

15 minutes after her daughter's bus was supposed to arrive, Faul says Sierra was knocking on the door to tell her mother the bus never came. 

"Kids can get frost bitten with being outside for just a few minutes, so yea, that's ridiculous," said Faul. 

She called the school to find out what happened. 

In an email to 27 News and to a concerned parent, the district's superintendent said every bus in the district made it successfully to its first stop without incident. But he noted that some bus fuel lines began to gel up. An email went out to parents, although Faul said she never got it. 

She then decided to drive her kids to school from Blue Mounds. 

"I drove down the street to the next bus stop and there was probably 10 kids standing out there, some without hats and mittens. And I told them the bus was running late, they asked me how long it was going to be and I told them I didn't know," said Faul. 

The superintendent noted no other school districts in Dane County delayed school, but Faul still believes something has to change. 

"Think of the kids standing out there, cold, waiting for the bus," she said. 

Superintendent Steve Salerno said he "began conversations with the district's transportation team, reviewed the latest forecast and communicated with several superintendents around the region" at 4:30 Tuesday morning. 

He also noted the temperatures were "not outside of past practice in which we have sent kids to school."

Salerno also says the district always supports a parent's decision to hold his/her child from attending school if they believe it is no safe for them to get there. 

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