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UPDATE: Dane Co. reports several minor accidents Wednesday morning

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UPDATE (WKOW) -- Dane County Communications reports there are several minor accidents Wednesday, likely because of the slippery roads.

None of the accidents involved injuries. They were reported at N. Park Street and Langdon Street, in Sun Prairie in front of Angell Park Speedway and on the Beltline at Gammon Road. 

Authorities urge drivers to take it slow. Road crews are still treating the major arteries. 


MADISON (WKOW) -- Road crews with Madison Streets Division are working overnight into Wednesday morning to get try and get roads as safe as possible before the morning commute.

Crews are plowing the snow and laying down sand rather than salt. Pouring salt in temperatures below 15 degrees is ineffective.

The sand adds traction to roadways, but does not completely eliminate icy conditions .

Wisconsin DOT Officials want to remind drivers to clear snow and ice from all windows and lights, don't out-drive the conditions because speed limits are for dry pavement, leave plenty of room for stopping, use brakes carefully by remembering to brake early and correctly and do not use cruise control in wintry condition.

Other tips include: 

  • Don't get overconfident in four-wheel drive, it can help you go faster than others, but you can't stop any faster.
  • Do not pump anti-lock brakes, the right way to stop is to stomp and steer.
  • Look farther ahead in traffic than normal, it'll give drivers more time to react
  • Remember, trucks are heavier than cars so they take longer to stop, don't cut quickly in front of them.
  • Go slow!
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