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Wisconsin Dairy News: Landmark Creamery Provisions

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(WKOW) -- Situated on the Sugar River in the unincorporated community of Paoli you'll find Landmark Creamery Provisions, a small cafe and specialty Wisconsin cheese shop. 

"We're a light café," Co-Owner Anna Thomas Bates said. "We have coffee and pastries; and then we do grilled cheese sandwiches, and we just added some toasts. So we use our fresh sheep milk cheese with some different jams and seasonings and vegetables and do some breakfast toasts." 

Although Landmark Creamery still makes their cheese at Cedar Grove Cheese in Plain, this new space will allow them greater opportunities. 

"In the next couple of months we're going to be building out the second segment of our long building here," Bates said. "We're going to be able to put in our cheese caves and that's going to allow us to do some more new cheeses."

Primarily focusing on sheep's milk and mixed-milk cheeses, Anna is excited for what the future of this building will mean for her hand-crafted specialty cheese. 

"We'll continue making cheese at Cedar Grove and we'll be able to bring all our cheese here to package and to do the aging," Bates said.. "And then in the long term we're going to actually build out the rest of the building into a small cheese plant." 

Having the retail space and cave-aging facility will also mean forging ties to this artisan community and building relationships with customers. 

"To be able to share our story and tell people about our farmers, and how we met, and why we made the cheeses we did, and why we even named the cheeses what we named them is great," Bates said. "And people get excited people will come in and say are you one of the Anna's and it's fun to say hi and introduce ourselves and share a little bit more about our story." 

Landmark Creamery is currently working on a new cheese to introduce to the public soon. The shop also features products from other Wisconsin cheesemakers and local artisans. 

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