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Nor'easter cripples the east coast and affects flights

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Winter storms blasting through the East Coast are grounding airlines and affecting travel plans. 

According to FlightAware, an airline tracking firm, the Nor'easter has forced the cancellation of more than 3,700 flights and has delayed an additional 1,400.  

Mike Rollin, an attorney visiting his family in Madison to celebrate the New Year, was scheduled to fly to LaGuardia through O'Hare. "I've been trying to get out since last night and have my fingers crossed for today," he says hopefully.

On Wednesday night, Rollin's travel plans were thwarted as his flight from Chicago to New York was canceled. He states, "The Agent worked with me for over an hour looking for any possible way of getting the East Coast." 

Feeling the ripple effects of the bomb cyclone, Rollin is trying to make his way to the Big Apple any way he can. "I thought about trying to get to Philly and jump on the Amtrak to get up to New York City. That didn't work."  Finding creative ways to get to his destination. "I'm working on Newark today. I think there's a slightly better chance of getting into a bigger, better airport." 

Through all the stress of  cancellations and delays, Rollin knows he can't fight Mother Nature. He states, "Look, it is what it is.  I travel every week. You deal with it whether it's weather or mechanical, or this thing or that thing. You take it in stride." 


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