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Car crashes into house near Milwaukee

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WAUWATOSA (WKOW) -- A crash created a pretty amazing sight in suburban Milwaukee.    
    A car flew into a home, crashing right into the front door
    It happened around 7:30 Thursday morning in Wauwatosa.
    Neighbor Aimee Griebenow says she found the driver had escaped unharmed.
    She was told the accelerator got stuck, the driver jumped out and the car went into the house.
    The contractor who was called to fix the home says the homeowner was already dealing with health issues.
     "I came home from work. I let the dogs out. And I saw the car in his front door.  When I got over there, it's like your mouth dropped open. He did just have major surgery on his heart. So he's home resting. Trying to get better. And this this happened."
    Both people in the house were okay, but it's going to be weeks before they can return.
    There's about $50,000 to $100,000 in damage.

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