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Dodgeville PD caution of misleading letter

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DODGEVILLE (WKOW) -- There's a misleading letter going around Iowa County, asking you to donate money to an organization that appears to be legitimate but is not completely transparent.  

Dodgeville Police posted about it on their Facebook page.  The letter is titled "Iowa County Annual Fund Drive."  The money is supposed to be raised for family of paralyzed and disabled police officers.  

When you look at where you are sending your money to, it's a Florida address.  Dodgeville Police checked out the legitimacy of the organization behind the address, as did WKOW, and it appears to be legitimate.  However, Dodgeville Police caution it is not associated with Iowa County law enforcement agencies.  Police say they are not advocating or discouraging you from donating, but before you send money anywhere, do your research so you know where your money is going.

The Federal Trade Commission has a similar reminder for people.  It says, two of the easiest ways scammers make you pay are through wire transfers or sending gift cards because they're hard for you to trace and get your money back.  If you think you've been victimized by a scam, visit  

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