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Family of Fatoumatta Jallow hoping for justice one year after her shooting death

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Photo of Fatoumatta Jallow Photo of Fatoumatta Jallow

MADISON (WKOW) --- It's been more than a year since Fatoumatta Jallow was shot and killed at the group home in Madison where she worked. As the trial for her accused killer gets closer, Jallow's family is hoping for justice.

"Still now, I can't even believe that she's gone," Sankulay Jallow, Fatoumatta's father.

It was just a few days before Christmas in 2016 when Jallow received a knock on his door no parent wants. It was the Madison police.

“We open the door. And they tell us, is this the parents of Fatoumatta Jallow? I say yes. Then my wife says, 'What's going on?'”.

That's when he received the devastating news. His daughter Fatoumatta was dead.

“My wife says come on in. So she was screaming loud like everybody, the kids are screaming. Everyone was crying.”

Police said Ali Hassan shot and killed the 23-year-old at REM Wisconsin, a group home on Kevins Way where the two had worked.

Fatoumatta had arrived in United States from her native Gambia just a few months before she was killed.

“How am I going to tell this to her mom? This is the only daughter she have,” Jallow said.

Her stepmother Essie Jallow said she had a bright future.

“She started off at the MATC downtown. She was getting her english together. She was getting her academics together. She wanted to do nursing.”

Her sister Isatou Jallow talks about the good times the two spent together.

“We went on vacations together. We went out of town. She spent my birthday with me. We did everything together,” she said. “Snapchat. Always on Snapchat. Pictures, Facebook, listen to music, joking around. We always have fun together.”

The house on Kevins Way where Fatoumatta was shot and killed is not too far from where she lived with her family. Her father still gets emotional whenever he drives by.

“Sometimes I just cry,” Sankulay Jallow said.

As the trial for Fatoumatta's accused killer approaches, the family is looking for answer as they continue to mourn the loss of a loved one they say was taken too soon.

“I miss her like every day. There’s never time I don’t think about,” Isatou Jallow said.

“She was a wonderful, wonderful young lady,” Sankulay Jallow said.

Ali Hassan faces several charges including 1st-degree intentional homicide in Jallow's death.

Jury selection begins January 22nd. The trial starts the following day.

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