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Icy spots possible tonight as melted snow refreezes

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MADISON (WKOW) - Mild temps in the 40s melted some of the snow pack today. With temps forecast to fall well below freezing tonight into the low to mid 20s, that water will likely refreeze and cause some trouble spots.

This will most likely impact less-traveled areas, like sidewalks and side streets. Bridges may also be an issue as they freeze first due to air passing above and below them.

Watch out and try to avoid shiny spots, as it may be ice. When walking, wear boots with heavy tread to gain more traction and do the "penguin walk" to help you stay on your feet.

If you hit an icy spot when driving, take your foot off the gas and keep your wheel straight until you get to drier ground, then slow down.

Full 27 Storm Track Forecast here.

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