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Town of Beloit pushes to become village

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TOWN OF BELOIT (WKOW) - Leaders of the Town of Beloit are poised to go to court to try to transform the municipality into a village, and ensure its future.

An attorney for the Town is expected to file the incorporation bid in Rock County Circuit Court this week, backed by four times the needed fifty signatures of Town residents.

Most of the seven thousand, five hundred people of the town would become residents of the new Village of Riverside.  Town leaders say that status would protect the municipality from annexations that would likely come from the bordering, growth-conscious cities of Beloit and Janesville, if the community remained a town.

"I think it's the only way we are going to be able to continue to survive,"  Town Chairperson Diane Greenlee says.

She says a Village of Riverside would have a lot of continuing benefits for those living there.

"We've built really good services and infrastructure, our police and fire departments, our DPW (Department of Public Works) department...they're good. strong departments, they provide all the services to our residents at a reasonable cost,"  Greenlee says.

Town officials are negotiating with their city of Beloit counterparts to reach agreement on the proposed village's boundaries, with valuable property such as the town's Beloit Club part of the discussion on where lines should be drawn.

Because the west side of the Town of Beloit is largely rural and not densely populated, attorneys say it does not qualify initially to be considered part of any new village.  But attorney Al Reuter says the western town portion could be consolidated or incorporated into the village at a later time.

The court filing would be followed by public hearings and a voter referendum, and continued negotiations between town and city.  City of Beloit officials say they will have no comment until a court filing is made.


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