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Deadly flu virus sweeps the nation

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MADISON (ABC NEWS) -- There's growing concern about a dangerous strain of the flu that's now spreading quickly. It's hit a majority of the country with at least 46 states being impacted and thousands of people hospitalized. 

Hospitals in some states, including California, are overflowing with patients. 

"We are so busy that paramedics are spending a good amount of time in the hallway," said one doctor to ABC News in southern California. 

There have been 42,000 cases of the flu this season, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

In California, 48 year old Shawn Burrough is fighting for his life. 

"He was severely critically ill and basically knocking on death's door," Burrough's wife said to ABC News. 

In parts of the Midwest region, the virus is widespread in several states, but according to the CDC, Wisconsin is only at a moderate level with more than 1300 flu hospitalizations this season.

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