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Baker brothers' best work is on the ice

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There is history and pride within the Verona hockey community. A pride that renews with each group that takes the ice. 

"I mean we have second, third maybe even some fourth generation hockey players living out here in Verona now," said boys head hockey coach Joel Marshall, who is in his 10th season. "That has elevated our hockey sense."

This season the Wildcats' top point scorer is junior Brockton Baker. He returned last season from a stint playing juniors in Omaha, Nebraska. He has tallied 10 goals and 14 assists so far this season, and he feels he is right where he belongs.

"Going to Omaha gave me a different view on everything," Brockton said. "Just because it didn't work out, I think it was still very beneficial for me. I'm still glad I did it."

The Wildcats have a Baker on the ice, and so do the Wisconsin Badgers. Brockton's older brother Tarek Baker is a freshman for Wisconsin and is the top goal scorer for the Badgers 23 games into the season.

"It was a dream as a kid, you just want to play in front of 15,000 in your home town." Tarek said. "It's been more than anything I could've expected coming here my freshman year."

While one Baker absorbs the college life, another is watching closely hoping to one day set the family bar even higher.

"It's really exciting. Watching my brother succeed." Said Brockton. "How he has done this freshman season it's been a joy to watch, but it pushes me to get to his level and get bragging rights over him, because he obviously has them right now."

The Verona Wildcats' next game is Friday against Beloit Memorial at 7 p.m. in Verona.

The Badgers will host Michigan State this Friday and Saturday at the Kohl Center. Both games have a 7 p.m. puck drop.

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