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Lawmakers introduce bill to preserve net neutrality rules in Wisconsin

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Wisconsin lawmakers are pushing action aimed at preserving net neutrality.

Representative Jonathan Brostoff and Senator Chris Larson are circulating legislation that would keep the protections from net neutrality in Wisconsin.

Net neutrality prohibited internet service providers from charging their customers different rates based on who they were, what websites they visited, the browsing platform they used, and more.

The bill circulated by Larson and Brostoff would prohibit internet service providers from unnecessarily blocking content, slowing service, or otherwise unreasonably disadvantaging Wisconsin consumers.

"This is kind of the defining issue of our generation I think," said Rep. Brostoff. "Net neutrality will set the course on how people can have access to open and free internet moving forward and the repeal of net neutrality federally puts that access at risk."

U.S. Senate democrats said they will force a vote later this year on the U.S. Federal Communications commission's reversal of net neutrality rules and will try to make it a key issue in the 2018 congressional elections.

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