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New South side store allows you to get a bargain and support community at the same time

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Mary Jo Wilbur says she wanted more than just another thrift store, she wanted a way to recycle unused items and put them to good use for the organizations that serve the community.
Eight weeks ago Wilbur's vision came to fruition and now she needs your help making the rootin crown a success. When you shop at Rootin Crown you not only get a good deal you get the chance to help someone else.

"I just happened to see her signs out on the road and I'm going what does that mean. I googled it, saw the website and then I showed up and said we want to get on board," said Wilbur.

Bonnie Daines is with La Crosse Crimestoppers and says her group is always looking for ways to raise money.

"We rely 100 percent on donations to pay off the rewards get crime off the streets," said Daines.

The concept is simple. Donate items and select from 21 local nonprofits that you want to benefit from the items sale. The same goes for shopping.  Each price tag has a name of the organization your purchase will support.Andrea Finney says almost every year her organization worries if they'll have enough money to get by.
"It's gonna be amazing cause we really rely on our annual walk to bring in most of our funding for the year so we're always looking for other
opportunities." said Finney.

I wanted it to be more locally driven and be more local supportive and I didn't just want to do the average consignment shop.  I felt that I needed to be more helpful to the community and it just evolved," said Wilbur.

Rootin Crown is located at 2919 East Avenue South in the old bakery building.
There are already plans to open a store in Onalaska this Spring.
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