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Don't get fined in foggy conditions

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GREEN COUNTY (WKOW) -- No major issues are expected during the Thursday morning commute,  according to the 27 Stormtrack Weather Team, beyond light rain and patchy fog.  That could turn into a major issue for you if you don't follow the rules of the road though.

The Green County Sheriff's Office posted a reminder on its Facebook page about keeping your headlights on in low visibility.  "You could potentially be cited for 347.06 (1) which states that you must have headlights and taillights operational during times of reduced visibility," the post states. "You could be subject to a fine of $162.70 and 3 demerit points."  This is to keep you and other drivers safe.

The sheriff's office added that if you have automatic lights, those don't always trigger on in fog, so make sure you are aware of that and turn them on yourself to avoid the citation and fine.  

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