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Only on 27 News: Going Strawless at Verona's Glacier Edge

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VERONA (WKOW) -- A Verona Elementary School doing something drastic to save the environment.   They are cutting out cafeteria straws.

"They hurt animals, they can kill them cause they can stop them from breathing," 5-year-old Grant Showers said.  He along with his brother are thrilled to be part of the project.

Teacher Carina Miller says in 30 days, the school reduced their straw use by 81%.  She is hoping to one day reduce it even more.

"It was a kind of a no brainer, something easy we can do that really helps on a more global perspective," Miller said.

Students are already learning more about the impact of straws on the world around them. 

"The U.S. uses enough straws to wrap around the world at two and half times each day," student Brady Geier said when asked about the concern.

"You know, everywhere we go there are straws, we don't think about it until some says hey you know a lot of them end up in the oceans and we can make a change," Miller said.

Now that the school is almost strawless, educators hope to next target plastic serated knives commonly used with kids bagels.  The hope is to get them to 'rip and dip' instead.

"If we have a small change here and have a ripple effect going out in our district and hopefully to others, we can make a big difference," Miller said.

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