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Plan to stiffen OWI laws in WI

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Two state lawmakers are introducing a bill they say would stop the state from enabling drunk drivers.    
    Right now, if someone gets stopped for an OWI while driving a car, then an OWI while operating a boat, the boating infraction doesn't count as a repeat offense.
    Republican assemblymen Andre Jacque and Cody Horlacher introduced a bill to make the law more consistent, where every OWI in the last five years is the same, regardless of what you're operating when you're stopped.
    "People are not really going to see significant penalties and people are aware of that. Unfortunately, there are people that game the system. They know what the rules are," Jacque told WBAY.
    The Green Bay area representative has proposed similar legislation in the past and been met with strong pushback, but says he feels he has to keep trying for change.

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