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Local woman upset over controversial Madison Metro KIA ad

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Metro KIA of Madison under fire after an on air advertisement receives backlash on social media for coming across to some with sexual harassment undertones.

"Are we really talking about a car here or are we talking about something else?" Madison mother-of-two Semara Safarik said.  She's worried because the radio version of the ad makes light of a 'safe sex' phrase.

"We teach them in our house 'no means no,' these are sacred words, so to hear those words manipulated in a way to try to be humorous to try to make light to be funny, to sell a car?  It's deeply troublesome to me," Safarik said.

It's why she recorded the ad and took to Facebook to post her concern.  

"Especially the timing is wrong, we are here in 2017, 2018 women running for office,women standing up the cover of Time...The Golden Globes.. Oprah all these speeches being made," she said.

"This is the time to continue that momentum forward and this seems like such a step back."

Safarik would like an apology, but something else, she'd like people to stop buying KIA products til the ad is pulled.  

"My hope is that there are enough people out there men and women to make serious buying choices made on ethical decisions," she said.

27 News has reached out to Metro KIA of Madison, but did not have a response from the car dealership by air-time.

Hear the ad on Safarik's FB post, here.

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