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Some flu patients having trouble finding Tamiflu

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DEFOREST (WKOW) -- It's the epidemic that's sweeping the nation. The flu is infecting thousands and now some patients are having a hard time finding a pharmacy that's stocked with Tamiflu. 

It's the drug that fights off influenza, and it's becoming a household name. 

"Most people, they'll do it for a five day course," said Tucker Stewart, a pharmacist at Hometown Pharmacy in DeForest. 

Right now, the drug is a hot commodity. 

"The past two weeks we've seen a sharp rise in people coming to get Tamiflu or also Tamivir, which is the generic," he added. 

His team is filling five to six prescriptions of the drug per day. 

"[We're] seeing our patients coming in just feeling awful and looking for this when I saw them a week ago and they looked just fine," Steward said. 

Some of the sick are depending on this place that luckily, hasn't had to turn anyone away when it comes to selling Tamiflu. 

We've had a few people calling prescriptions here because they couldn't fill them in their store," he said. 

There are reports of some big drug store names like Walgreens running out of the drug, but in a statement to 27 News, a spokesperson said otherwise.

"We have adequate supply of antiviral medication to meet current patient demand in the area," the spokesperson for the company said. 

Still, Stewart is having to restock his shelves daily but not every distributor has the drug.

"I just think all the fluctuation is more of a concern that there's only so much that we can get and we don't know when it's going to run out," Steward said. 

But patients with the flu aren't the only ones receiving Tamiflu.

"If you have someone that comes home, picks it up, they've got little kids, they're going to want to treat these kids prophylacticly so they don't contract the flu," Steward said. 

Of course, that adds to the number of pills flying off the shelf. 

"One of my concerns is if I start getting prescriptions in from all the competing areas around here, then I could be tapped out," he added. 

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