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Other animal prognosticators out on Groundhog Day

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MILWAUKEE (WKOW) -- By now you've heard Punxsutawney Phil and Sun Prairie's Jimmy the Groundhog both predicted six more weeks of winter.
    But other creatures in Wisconsin tested their talents too.
    The Milwaukee County Zoo's groundhog died last year, so they turned to "Snow Lilly", the polar bear.
    She saw her shadow Friday.
"When I was given the information about how groundhog day kind of started and that it was weather lore in Europe they used to use badgers and bears I kind of like the idea of using a polar bear," the zoo's Beth Rich told WISN.
    In Racine County, the zoo's skunk, "Minnie", agreed with Snow Lilly, Phil and Jimmy.
    The zoo's groundhog, Sunny retired this year.

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