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Hawaii worker who sent false missile alert is "devastated"

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HAWAII (WKOW) -- The man who triggered the false missile alert in Hawaii says he's devastated for causing a panic.

He says the call he received didn't sound like a drill

"In the middle of the message, it said this was not a drill. And then at the end I didn't hear exercise either."

The man spoke on the condition that he not be identified, because he's receiving death threats.

He says he feels like he had been hit with a body blow when he realized it was just a drill.

"When I was 100% sure it was real, and it was, I did what I was trained to do and immediately afterwards I was very emotional about what happened."

He has since been fired from his job.

The false alarm went out to people in Hawaii on January 13 and it was nearly 40 minutes before the alert was rescinded.

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