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Poor People's Campaign rally at capitol, nationwide call to action

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Hundreds of activists for poor people gathered nationwide Monday for a call to action.  At more than 30 state capitol’s rallies where held to bring awareness to voter suppression laws, poverty and racism.

Groups like the Fight for 15 and Poor People’s Campaign in Madison say they'd like to see less money spent on big infrastructure projects and more towards people living in poverty. They believe poverty is not getting as much attention as it should. 

Tax credits passed in Congress and Governor Walker’s proposal to give families a $100 tax credit are some examples, but activist argue in order to apply you have to pay taxes and hold a job.

"Everybody talks about the middle class and we see tax credits go to the wealthiest in the county and poverty is left out of the conversation every time,” Mike Dickman of Fight for 15 said. “I think in 2018 it’s time to make this one of our main goals." 

Members also delivered a letter to Governor Walker's office to consider better transitions for people to get back on their feet and out of poverty.

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