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Wisconsin Walmart installs Scan & Go to skip the checkout line


The grocery wars are heating up with Walmart and Amazon competing for customers by unveiling new technology for making that trip to the grocery store more time efficient.

Walmart has installed Scan & Go shopping at the Appleton Walmart Supercenter.

Here's how Scan & Go works:

Customers download an app and open it inside Walmart, scan barcodes of the items they're buying, and place them into the shopping cart.

There's no need to go through a checkout line because you pay for your purchase in the app.

There are also scanning devices at the store.

Customers will have to show their digital receipt to a Walmart employee as they leave the store.

“We know speed and convenience are important to our customers, whether they’re shopping in our stores or online – so we’re always looking for new ways to save them time,” said Kerry Foth, Store Manager.

Eliminating the checkout line is the main goal for Walmart competitor Amazon Go. Amazon opened its first convenience store in Seattle. Their technology is called "Just Walk Out."

It differs from Scan & Go in this way: Amazon shoppers will download and app that scans as they enter the store. Each item they remove from a shelf will be placed in a virtual shopping cart. If it is placed back on the shelf, the item comes out of the cart.

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