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Gabe Staude of Fort Atkinson bowls to perfection

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Some bowlers will play their entire lives without bowling a perfect 300. Gabe Staude of Fort Atkinson didn't have to wait that long, he accomplished a perfect game at just 12-years-old.

Staude, recently turned 13-years-old, but last month he accomplished a perfect 300 in a youth  league event at Rock River Lanes in Fort Atkinson.

"I try to play the best line to give me the best chance of striking every time," said Gabe. "That means that if I'm playing right next to the gutter that is what I'm going to try to do."

Staude started playing when he was five years old with his dad Wade. While his dad plays league, you'll find Gabe on his on lane, with throw after throw.

Wade said, "He has a higher series this year than I do. So my goal is to beat him now." 

"Probably 40 up to 60 games a week somewhere in there," Gabe said in reference to how much he practices in a week.

Following his perfect 300 game, Gabe is the third person in Rock River Lanes this competitive season to bowl a perfect score.

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