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GOP leaders say tollways are needed to create road funds

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Governor Walker and other GOP leaders have conflicting ideas on how to raise money for roads and transportation.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says the only clear way to raise state dollars to match federal funding for transportation is tollways on the interstate. Walker says he's open to increasing the gas tax, but Speaker Vos and Fitzgerald say they don't believe they have enough support from lawmakers to do that.

Walker is not a big supporter of installing tolls, but says he'd consider it if there is another equal or greater tax elsewhere. “Let me be perfectly clear, I am no in any way suggesting support for tollways,” said Walker. “I'm not taking it off the table permanently, but I want to be clear just because someone brought it up doesn't mean I'm proposing it. I've said repeatedly, if there is more revenue elsewhere I'll support a gas tax.”

The ideas are floating around the statehouse after President Trump called for congress to approve a 1.5 trillion in federal infrastructure plan. It would require states to cough up some money to get federal funds in return.

Republicans who control both chambers still haven't found a source for funding roads and instead prioritized closing budget shortfalls, which lead to project delays across the state.

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