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Driving reminders as snow to drape area streets

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MADISON (WKOW) -- It is the middle of winter, but lower-than-normal seasonal snowfall totals means drivers may encounter some hazards for the first time as a snow event deposits inches of snow on area road ways.

"Snow banks,"  says 4Lakes Driver Training School owner Judy Hudson of one, driver visibility issue that's been absent during the winter to-date, but is likely to surface now.  Hudson says drivers must account for the high, snow formations, as they turn from street-to-street.

Hudson offers other tips to drivers on navigating snow-clogged surfaces streets and highways.

"At least two car lengths in front of you for every ten miles (per hour) you're going in the snow,"  Hudson says.

"Taking the corners a little more carefully too,"  she says.  "Corners are slippery, the ice gets built up on the corners."

Hudson says while it is crucial to pay attention to highway speed during snow periods, residential streets can end being more accident-prone.  City of Madison street crews only clear residential streets after major arteries have been plowed.  Hudson says that makes it more likely drivers will encounter troublesome snow packs in their neighborhoods.

Hudson says this snow event will mean a good deal of driver training session cancellations.  But she says if a novice driver has logged several months behind the wheel and has developed driving confidence, doing training in snow conditions builds valuable, all-weather experience.


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