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Janesville residents brace for winter storm

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JANESVILLE (WKOW) -- The winter storm that started to push through south Wisconsin could hit Janesville and other Rock County communities the hardest, but neighbors there say they're prepared. 

"I'm nervous, I mean I don't know what's going to happen," said Emily Briggs who was seen shopping at a Janesville grocery store before the storm. 

The slick white roads didn't keep some from stopping in to get their last minute items before going home to hunker down. 

"I bought roast, I bought chicken, vegetables, because I plan on making chicken soup tomorrow," said Kathi Degeyter who was stocking up for her family before the storm. 

For Colleen Knilans, the snow means she and her kids will spend Friday, indoors. 

"We're not going anywhere, school is going to be cancelled, they can do movies they've got games, I read. Oh yea, I'm in glory," said Knilans. "Bring it on Mother Nature!"

As many plan on staying inside, city crews will be out plowing and salting as they try their best to keep the roads clear. 

"We'll probably use about 300 tons of salt for an event like this," said John Whitcomb who is the Janeville's operation director. 

By 3 a.m. on Friday, 30 crews will be out on the roads trying to keep up with the storm. 

Between five and seven inches of snow is expected overnight for Janesville.

Some people are welcoming the storm as it will give them a three day wintry weekend. 

"We had a safety meeting and they told us that the roads were going to be really bad so not even to bother to come in," said Briggs. 

But for those who aren't as lucky, they're certain to be extra cautious. 

"'I'll take it as it comes, but I'm happy to have four wheel drive," said Degeyter's son. 

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