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Drivers react to multi-car pile up that left one person dead

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TOWN OF VERONA (WKOW) --- Sagnik De was taking his normal route to work Monday morning.

“I was going westbound on Highway 151 and the traffic in front of me started slowing down rapidly,” De said.

That's when he looked on the opposite side of the freeway.

“And then I saw a couple of cars crashed.”

Officials said poor visibility due to heavy patches of fog along Highway 151 caused a multiple car accident killed one person.

“I think it was somewhere around 10 or 12 (cars) at that point. But through the video, there were a bunch of cars that had slammed in. And you could clearly tell that behind that fog, no one was really able to see what was going on in front of it,” De said.

Adam Gajweski was also traveling on the highway Monday morning. He talks about how dense the fog was.

"The closer I got it seems a little bit thicker,” Gajweski said. “As I drove into it, I had already adjusted my speed and I had kind of hit a point where I didn't know if I should slow down to 40 mile an hour or kind of carry through. Because as soon as you entered it, the vehicle in front of me, which is about 20 yards, disappeared completely. it was zero visibility.”

Gajweski wonders how close he was to being in the accident himself.

“It made me think. In a matter of minutes, I could have been either caught up in the traffic behind, which would have been the best case scenario, or I could have been me mixed in with that group of people.”

Both men said they are shaken the event happening around them. And feel for the families of the people involved.

“I can't even imagine what they're going through. My heart goes out to them,” De said.

Both De and Gajweski feel there should be some type of warning for drivers of potential low visibility. It could be something as simple as a flashing yellow light.

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