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Bedbugs in library books

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GREEN BAY (WKOW) --  While many of us are keeping an eye on the flu epidemic, there's another health issue that can spread at any time: bed bugs.
    They can even be found in books.
    The American Library Association has developed advice for libraries to prevent and treat the bugs.
    The owner of a pest control company in Green Bay says you should flip through pages loosely and check book spines before and after borrowing a book.
    "Check for skin sheds as they grow older they're like snakes they pop out of their skin and they leave that behind probably the biggest sign is fecal staining, if you would take an ink pen and dot the book or the page or the spine you would see that and that's exactly what it looks like," Josh Erdman told WBAY.
    If you find a bed bug in a library book, experts say you should put the book in a Ziploc bag and notify the library when you return it.

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