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Viral video: Teen jumps onto icy trampoline

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Courtesy: Michelle Blackmann McNew Courtesy: Michelle Blackmann McNew

MISSOURI (WKOW) -- A Missouri teenager has become an Internet sensation because of his daredevil stunt.

Dylan McNew, an 8th grader, was hanging out with a friend after an ice storm over the weekend. Sunday, they decided to do something daring after noticing ice had formed over a full-sized trampoline.

Dylan climbed the top of the ramp platform and jumped onto the trampoline, landing on his back. The ice exploded around him, making a crashing sound. His friend was taking a video, which they put into slow motion.

Dylan's mom told a local newspaper, her son did not ask permission first. "Absolutely not!" Michelle Blackmann McNew told the Springfield News-Leader. "He's a little nut but I just pray a lot. He's a little daredevil."

Once she saw the video, Blackmann McNew says she got a kick out of it and shared the video. 

Dylan says it didn't hurt and wasn't "too cold."

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